Southern States Forwarding, Inc.

Your experts in international trade.

Problems solved.

  • We are a small company.
  • We give personal service.
  • We mother each shipment as if it were our own.
  • Licensed CHB - Customs House Broker
  • Licensed and bonded as an OTI (Forwarder)
  • Bruce V. Friedman is an attorney,
    licensed to practice in California
  • C-TPAT Customs and Trade Partnership Atainst Terrorism, certified since Feb. 2003
  • ICPA. International Compliance Professionals Association
  • Trained in INCOTERMS.
  • Trained in UCP 600 rules and regulations.
  • Software developed in-house, able to adapt to changing regulations and customer's needs.
  • Terrific staff, exceptionally well qualified with several post graduate degrees.
  • Experience of thousands of shipments, and too many years to count.
  • Teach classes in international trade.
  • We are experts in international trade.
  • Problems Solved.

  • Some of the Services we Offer are:

    This is under development This is going to be five stories to be used as our sales presentation. Our corporate goal is to provide outstanding customer service through persistent attention to detail.
    The function of a forwarder: be worth more than it would cost the customer to do the job himself

    A company can do the services a forwarder does in-house. The cost of extra personnel, paperwork, and responsibility is substantial. The cost of outsourcing this to a forwarder should be a little less. A forwarder can be less expensive because of economies of scale. This documentation is all we do. We design software, and mould our companies to be efficient in processing shipments.
    Using a forwarder is similar to using a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to help with your taxes. You can do your taxes yourself, but many companies do not have employees with the talents of a CPA. A good CPA will do the work for about what it would cost you to do it yourself. The advantage is being able to take advantage of his experitse without having to pay his full time salary. Also, if anything ever goes wrong, you are much better off having a CPA taking responsibility for decisions instead of having to blame in-house staff.
    These same arguments should be used in justifying the use of a company like SSF, to assist in your international transactions.

    Creativity cre8iv
    We were given a letter of credit that required the certificate of origin have several stamps affixed to it. This was a product going to a country that did not require a certificate of origin in the first place. Our staff used quality stamps. These stamps were given to us free for buying a tank of gasoline, and the bank had to accept it.

    Our People
    We have people like Frank DiBenedetto who have been in the industry for over 50 years. Experience. Our qualifying individual on the Forwarder's license, and our licensed Customs House Broker is heavily involved in the day to day operations. Expertise. All employees have at least a college degree. Intelligence. We are all matriculating towards college or post graduate degrees. Education. We work together well. Teamwork. This is one terrific office staff.

    Our workplace is my old house. The tin man, the water fountain, the maps, artwork, toys, tunes, and the fireplace give it a unique aura. The backyard is a wildlife refuge. Our casual/comfortable environment allow us to perform at an extremely high level.

    We Specialize, we take pride in our work.
    We want customers who will appreciate the services we offer, and we will enjoy working with. Life is short. Work is a four letter word. We are picky about who we choose to work with. When we take on new business, we try to learn all we can about it.
    One of the areas we specialize in is US cotton exports. We have attended the American Cotton Shipper's Cotton School at Rhodes College. This nine week course taught us everything about cotton from field to fabric, then explained risk management. This is obviously more than a forwarder would need to know, but that is the kind of company we are.
    Southern States Forwarding, Inc.
    5269 Brantford Road / Memphis, Tennessee 38120 USA
    (901) 763-3044 ~ fax (901) 763-1999 ~

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